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Delivering recruitment solutions across Australia since 2002, Labourpower Recruitment Services has become known as one of the leading labour hire agencies in Australia.

Labourpower is committed to creating a culture of innovation and investing in technology to achieve fantastic results for their candidates and clients. As such, incorporating recruitment chatbot technology and automation into their processes proved the obvious next step.

The Challenge


Labourpower were keen to leverage both automation and conversational AI to improve their recruitment and selection processes, fast-track candidate onboarding and enhance overall customer and candidate experience.

To achieve this, Labourpower approached smartAI to help them in offering their clients additional value while ensuring that candidate experience remains top of mind.

“It’s all part of our commitment to finding new and innovative ways to ensure that people find the right jobs and that our clients have the edge when it comes to attracting and retaining quality candidates.”
– Managing Director, Luke Webber, explains.

The Solution

Relying on smartAI’s comprehensive solution – which includes engaging the candidate at the job ad, then screening and shortlisting them through an automated workflow that utilises an intelligent chatbot as the frontend interface – was a no-brainer for the Labourpower team. This screening process not only facilitates the shortlisting of candidates who meet the role requirements, it also politely rejects candidates who don’t meet these requirements instantly, ensuring every candidate is responded to. Maximising the value of the interaction between Labourpower’s chatbot and each candidate, Labourpower’s chatbot (which they have affectionately named “Scarlett”) further offers candidates who are not suitable for a specific role the opportunity to remain in the Labourpower database for consideration when more suitable roles come up.

Once in the database, smartAI’s ReConnect product allows Labourpower to reach out to candidates in their database and update their availability and role preferences over time. In turn, this has a massive impact on how quickly a suitable candidate can be pinpointed for a specific role (boosting time-to-fill). It further reduces the need for job ad spend and going through the whole screening and shortlisting process all over again.

Reaching candidates at a time and on a text messaging app that works for them…

Mobile job applications already outnumber desktop applications and this trend is expected to continue. Labourpower is leveraging this trend by connecting with candidates on the messaging apps of their choice, sharing customised invitations to connect and – through the automated chatflow that is triggered once a candidate responds – facilitates the entire application process at a time that’s convenient for the candidate. Day or night…

The outcome

“People continue to be our business and by leveraging this new AI powered technology, our team now has more time to focus on improving engagement strategies, building valuable relationships and enjoying greater job satisfaction,” Luke Webber said.

In total, Scarlett has worked 7,700 hours for Labourpower up to the time of writing – with over 1.1m messages exchanged between Scarlett and candidates. That’s the work of over 6 dedicated recruitment consultants, with an estimated cost saving of some 91%.

“Labourpower’s Scarlett is an effective tool for candidate engagement with the ability to chat with each person colloquially. As a chatbot she will also continually evolve to make the onboarding and screening process easier.” - Luke Webber, Managing Director