recruiter hours<br /> saved in 6 months


recruiter hours
saved in 6 months

of applicants<br /> received feedback


of applicants
received feedback

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Over the last 13 years, National Workforce has carved out a reputation as an exceptional blue collar recruitment agency. With 170 staff members spread across 7 locations, National Workforce is renowned for sharing their credible hiring advice and knowledge with candidates and clients in an effort to deliver outstanding service.

The Challenge


“We’re a dynamic and growing business with different industry focus areas. Plus, we use a variety of technology platforms in our HR tech stack. We needed a recruitment tool that could help us engage and communicate with candidates en masse. This tool, however, also needed to integrate into our existing systems and automate the flow of candidate information – all while maintaining a hyper personalised experience for each candidate,” explains Jacqui Russell, Managing Director at National Workforce.

The Solution

As an early adopter of smartAI’s recruitment chatbot and process automation technology, National Workforce embraced the smartAI solution with a passion. Initially they implemented smartAI’s screening, shortlisting and scheduling recruitment chatbot offering, called Engage, in 2019. They then deployed Reconnect, smartAI’s talent pool engagement module.

The Outcome

“Our solution is slick and scalable… Much like a relay of sorts, information about our candidates is passed like a batton from one step in the recruitment process to the next – with smartAI’s chatbot serving as the interface that communicates with candidates and smartAI’s recruitment process automation functionality initiating reminders, asking for candidate availability updates and facilitating interview scheduling,” says Lisa Rose, National Improvement and Implementation Manager at National Workforce.

“It is a well-oiled recruitment machine,” explains Jacqui. “FastTrack360, our ATS, integrates into a job board network to distribute our job ads. The response to those ads triggers our recruitment chatbot from smartAI (which we have affectionately named Charlie) to reach out to the candidates who have responded to the job ad.

Through a screening and shortlisting chatflow, candidate data is collected and the chatbot screens candidates based on their responses. Any candidates who do not meet the minimum requirements are automatically rejected politely. This ensures that all candidates get a response from us.

Charlie, in turn, is integrated with our self scheduling interview tool, Calendly, and our onboarding platform, Onboarded, and initiates the interaction with both of them.

Onboarded is integrated with our automated referencing tool, Referoo, as well as our Health assessment platform and our time and attendance tool, Ento,” Jacqui explains.

Once a candidate has been hired and onboarded, National Workforce deploys the Admin module of their smartAI chatbot, Charlie, to monitor various expiry dates on items such as visas and licences to ensure they maintain full compliance.

“With a cost saving of over $150k dollars so far, and a 94% candidate satisfaction score across the various chatbot profiles that National Workforce uses, the ROI is clear. Using smartAI has empowered our recruiters significantly. The first time they actually engaged with a candidate would be during an interview. Imagine the value of automating the entire pre-interview process. And that’s just the start...” - Says Jacqui