Over the 2021 year, Northbridge has run a number of targeted outreach campaigns connecting with just over 10,000 candidates

more engaging<br /> than email

8 x

more engaging
than email

candidates updated<br /> their details


candidates updated
their details

profiles/resumes<br /> updated



chatbot worked<br /> hours to achieve


chatbot worked
hours to achieve

responses outside<br /> of business hours


responses outside
of business hours

Full cost per<br /> updated profile


Full cost per
updated profile


9.8 x



case studies labour power

Founded in 2010, Northbridge offers complete workforce solutions covering Permanent and FTC Recruitment, Contract, Temporary & Labour On-Hire, Retained and Executive Search, Statement of Work (SOW) and Payroll Managment. With a team of just over 20 people based in four locations. Northbridge works with a range of companies from iconic Australian start-ups through to Fortune 500 across industries including Banking and Finance, Telecommunications, Utilities, Healthcare, Building and Construction, Local, State and Federal Government, Not-for-Profit, Retail
and FMCG.

The Challenge


Northbridge wanted to conduct an outreach campaign connecting with their database of some 180,000 candidates in a manner that is feasible, reduces their overall candidate acquisition costs (CAC) and maximising their ROI. In addition, they wanted the candidate user experience to be a positive one.

Whilst conducting an email campaign is relatively low cost to conduct, results of 1% – 2% hardly make it worth all the administration required to manage the campaign. The alternative of having a team of resources reaching out by phone is just not a feasible or cost-effective option either. So sadly, usually what happens with those candidates is that they are never contacted or a rare few only randomly at best.

The Solution

One of smartAI’s intelligent chatbot solutions, Reconnect, is fit for purpose when it comes to reconnecting with talent pools of candidates and performing data cleansing. Reconnect offers the benefits of recruitment process automation (RPA) with a candidate-friendly chatbot interface which enables Northbridge to:

  • Routinely re-engage with their active and passive candidate database.
  • Save money on advertising costs – by reaching out to their updated talent pool instead.
  • Accelerate time-to-fill and time-to-hire by engaging warm and qualified candidates.
  • Focus their attention on candidates that are available now, without
  • Build their brand and remain top of mind for candidates

The functionality that drives this candidate conversation engine further:

  • Integrates data with Northbridge’s ATS automatically
  • Enables Northbridge to view chat transcripts and campaign stats directly on their dashboard
  • Supports customisable campaigns and job specific outreach programs
  • Reaches out to candidates via Northbridge choice SMS or email (any time of day), for only a few cents per engagement
  • Drives great candidate experience with a non-intrusive, 30 second chat, on the candidate’s mobile phone
  • Eliminates phone tag, communication is convenient for candidates at a time that works for them to chat on a device of their choice

The Outcome

In the six months leading up to this case study, Northbridge’s Reconnect chatbot – whom they have affectionately named Nora – had spent all but six hours chatting to candidates. In other words, candidates connected with the chatbot at all hours of the day and night, bar only six hours in six months. In fact, just under 60% of all engagements were outside core business hours. This very much supports our premise that chatbots are a well-accepted medium for strong engagement and brand awareness.

With some 1,665 profiles being updated thus far, the results far exceeded Nothbridge’s expectations by driving down their overall candidate acquisition costs in an environment of escalating advertising fees and returning a ROI of just under 10x.

Northbridge are well placed to service their clients in 2022!

“Our achievements lie in our no fear approach to innovation. We do not shy away from new technologies - we embrace them! We believe harnessing the latest tools and products in analytics, big data, machine learning and AI has created real value and unique IP,” - Concludes Linda Trevor