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Vroom Vroom Recruitment is a small specialist recruitment agency that focuses on matching candidate skill sets with employer needs in the automotive industry.

They work with candidates skilled in selling, operating and repairing everything from cars, trucks, motorbikes, boats, caravans, RVs, forklifts and agricultural equipment.

Due to their specialist nature, Vroom Vroom has become known for their industry expertise, and being able to quickly pinpoint their customer’s job requirements matching them with the ideal jobseeker.

Even though they are a small team, they have garnered a reputation for working closely with both customers and candidates across Australia.

case studies labour power

The Challenge

Qualified candidates in the automotive industry are scarce. This posed two challenges to Vroom Vroom:


Challenge 1 :

Adopting new technology that returns a great ROI to a small niche agency where responses are traditionally low and


Challenge 2 :

Ensuring that candidates are onboarded quickly (so that they do not accept offers from competitors instead).

The Solution:

By using smartAI’s Engage module, Vroom Vroom is able to instantly screen, shortlist and automate the scheduling of interviews thus significantly reducing ‘time to hire’. smartAI’s chatbot reaches out to each applicant and invites them to complete a conversation via text or messenger. During the chat, candidates are asked a series of qualifying questions to help screen them. If they don’t meet the requirements of the role, they are instantly rejected (using predefined messaging developed by Vroom Vroom). If they are successful and meet the requirements (which most of them do), their application progresses to the next step where they are shortlisted and invited for an interview. Through deep integrations with their ATS, all this information flows straight from smartAI’s chat flow into the ATS too.

“With smartAI, we get the benefit of cutting-edge database and recruitment technologies that quickly match skill sets to skill gaps all within our budget,” explains Vroom Vroom CEO, Sam Barbagallo. “Our candidates get an enhanced experience, too. They get instant communication on a device of their choice, 24/7. Despite the fact that we are a small team, we’re now more responsive than many large agencies with dedicated teams.” - thanks to smartAI

Vroom Vroom has based their recruitment methodology on three core pillars: Collaborate. Connect. Employ. It is the “connect” pillar where smartAI comes in. By facilitating this process for the Vroom vroom team (24 hours a day, 7 days a week), the team is empowered to focus even more on strengthening their other two pillars: collaborating with customers and candidates and employing the right people. This, in turn, helps Vroom Vroom deliver better, faster, service to their customers, with reduced downtime.