Here is everything your BOT is trained for including some sample queries to get you started.

Would you like to know where your next shift is?

Ask your BOT :

  • Can you tell me where is my next shift?
  • Where is my next shift?
  • My next shift

Did you forget your username or password or having trouble login in?

Ask your BOT :

  • Can you reset my password?
  • Reset my password
  • What is my username?

Provide us your availability.

Tell us when you are not available to work so we can update your diary in our system to ensure we do not place you in a shift or an assignment whilst you are not available. Make sure to state “can’t/cannot work or not available” and specify the when “today”, “tomorrow”, “next week”, “Monday”, “Friday”, specific date, etc.

Tell your BOT :

  • I can’t work tomorrow
  • I cannot work next week
  • I cannot work next weekend
  • I cannot work Tue and Wednesday next week
  • I am sick
  • I am not feeling well today

Have questions about your timesheet?

Ask your BOT :

  • I can’t key my timesheet
  • How many hours did I work last week?
  • Did you receive my timesheet?

and any other timesheet related queries

Having trouble keying your timesheet hours?

Tell your BOT :

  • Help entering my hours
  • Key my timesheet

Do you have a question for the Payroll team?

Talk to the BOT about any payroll related queries. If BOT cannot find an answer for you, it will immediately pass your query to the payroll team and someone will get in touch ASAP.

Ask your BOT :

  • Can you send me my group certificate?
  • There is a problem with my pay?

Update your mobile number.

Ask your BOT :

  • Can you update my phone number?
  • Update my mobile number

Confirm your last pay.

Ask your BOT :

  • Can you email me my last payslip?
  • Email me my last payslip
  • Did I get paid?

Update your address details.

Ask your BOT :

  • I have a new address?
  • Update my address?

Update your profile pic.

Ask your BOT :

  • Take a new profile pic?
  • Update my profile pic

Would you like to talk to a human instead?

Ask your BOT :

  • Can I speak to my manager?
  • I want to chat to a recruiter
  • Text my manager

Don't have your Portal access? Ask BOT to create one for you

Ask your BOT :

  • What is my portal user name
  • Create a portal account for me

Want to know what Jobs are available?

Ask your BOT :

  • What Jobs are available?
  • Do you have any jobs?

Update a copy of your License or Passport

Ask your BOT :

  • Can I update copy of my license?
  • I have a new passport, please update it
  • Add my new license details

Want to Register with us?

Ask your BOT :

  • How do I register?
  • How do I sign up with you?

What do you do if you get injured and need assistance

Ask your BOT :

  • I am injured
  • I am hurt
  • How do I report an injury?

Train your BOT

You are encouraged to help train your BOT. If a task, question or request you asked your BOT is unknown, your BOT will inform you that it will need training and provide you an alternate contact email where you may want to forward your query. Your BOT will pick up queries it didn’t understand and train itself so it’s better next time.

Forgot to respond to your BOT

When your BOT has asked you to provide information and you don’t respond, your BOT will acknowledge that, and “will go away for now”. This cancels your request.