Reconnect with candidates in your database at scale via customisable campaigns. Keep them engaged by both updating their profiles and advising them of new jobs.

Turn passive candidates back into active ones and expand your available talent pool.

  • Re-engage with your passive candidate database
  • Checks interest, confirms contact details, next availability, etc
  • Free up your recruiters to take care of more value added tasks
  • Integrates data with your current recruitment solution
  • View chat transcripts and campaign stats through a dashboard

Screening and Shortlisting

Screening and Shortlisting


Charlie, is your screening and shortlisting chatbot. Simply assign Charlie to a job and it screens 100% of your applicants, shortlists them, schedules them for an interview and then books the interview in your calendar.

Now your recruiters can spend more time doing what they do best, finding the right candidate quickly!

  • Reaches 100% of your job applicants and engages them whilst they are interested
  • Quickly identifies suitable applicants
  • Books interviews through Calendly and automatically updates your calendar
  • Fully Integrated with your current ATS solution
  • Dramatically improves the candidate user experience

Admin Bot



Meet Frankie, your current contractor’s/employee’s personal assistant. It provides responses 24/7, using their own personalised data, available due to deep API integrations with your database. Common questions about their shift, availability, timesheet & payroll queries and FAQs plus lots more…are all instantly available!

  • Available 24×7 for your candidates
  • Responds immediately to their questions and resolves their queries
  • Allows recruiters to take care of other higher value added tasks
  • Fully Integrated with your current ATS solution
  • Significantly improves the candidate user experience


Chatbot Benefits

Using AI for HR doesn’t mean robots are taking over. Our HR chatbots help you allocate resources more efficiently, so your personnel can work smarter, not harder.

Boost Productivity

Your recruitment bot is on duty 24/7, with swift, accurate answers for the most commonly asked questions.

Boost Efficiency

Cut out the grunt work for your human workforce, freeing them up to focus on the big picture.

Save Time and Money

Stop wasting personnel time on everyday admin that your HR bot can do with its eyes closed!

Maintain Staff Satisfaction

Your HR chatbot is reliable as clockwork, and sends out payslips on time, every time.