Streamlining HR Through Conversational AI

Streamlining HR Through Conversational AI

The emergence of innovative technologies is encouraging a transformation in HR infrastructure, paving the way for
digitalization. Organizations are increasingly shifting toward cloud-based technology and AI-based tools to revamp their talent acquisition and retention capabilities. The automation of routine tasks is enabling HR professionals to focus on
more valuable tasks and contribute to the overall organizational growth.

To inform business enterprises regarding the best practices in the incorporation of HR technology, HR Tech Outlook has compiled a list of top 10 HR Tech solution
providers and services companies in the APAC region that are identifying missed revenue opportunities and helping their clients improve growth prospects. Equipped with innovative technological capabilities and robust offerings, the providers are constantly proving their mettle in the HR sector. We hope this edition of HR Tech Outlook helps you build partnerships that you and your firm need to foster a new and advanced approach that motivates HR professionals to better drive productivity and efficiency throughout the sector.

We present to you HR Tech Outlook’s, “Top 10 HR Tech Solution Providers in APAC – 2019.”

Artificial intelligence (AI) has permeated across board rooms, empowering organizations with the power of intelligent data analytics and automation. The adoption of the latest AI technologies for recruitment can effortlessly boost productivity and efficiency. For starters, organizations can get rid of the time-consuming, tedious tasks that can be easily streamlined by a simple AI solution, discarding the uncertainty and bias from the recruitment process. But, the implementation of an AI framework emerges as a herculean task for businesses, with each solution proving to be complex and expensive. As a result, HR departments often resort to choosing compromised solutions or none at all, despite the current poor user experience they provide.

Smart AI functions as the singular omnichannel voice of a company that is amplified through the customers’ digital outreach strategy

SmartAI addresses this challenge head-on by offering its clients a simple, ubiquitous, and cost-efficient automated AI recruitment platform that aligns with various business needs.

It democratizes the conversational AI/Automation framework for the HR industry to assist clients in achieving business excellence and efficiency.

The company breaks down the conventional HR workflow process into multiple areas, enabling users to engage with its conversational AI platform using chat, similar to how one would interact with smart assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

The platform performs three key HR functions; interacting with applicants during the interview stage, asking all those questions designed to shortlist applicants, all the way through to scheduling the actual interview.

Reconnecting with and sourcing ideal candidates and engaging with employees and applicants executing tasks such as resetting passwords, providing leave balances and collecting missing compliance documents. Collectively, it supports all of the essential phases of an HR lifecycle, from talent management, initial engagement, screening and short listing to interview coordination, onboarding and administration.

On the inside, SmartAI is built atop three fundamental technical pillars—conversational AI, automation, and API integration—all of which augment businesses onto a virtual HR environment

The company then addresses the concern of data fragmentation across an enterprise through various APIs for discrete use cases, providing users a single point of contact. “SmartAI functions as the singular omnichannel voice of a company that is amplified through the customer digital outreach strategy,” adds Peter Stackpole, co-founder and CEO of SmartAI.

Going by Stackpole’s words, it is evident that such AI-based HR platforms hone the potential to increase employee productivity and help HR professionals in fueling business transformations, thereby building a superior workforce with a resilient HR architecture.

The versatility of SmartAI was on full display when the company collaborated with a recruitment agency quite recently. The client implemented the SmartAI platform and was able to enlist 450 contractors for a fourday assignment engaging with over a thousand applicants; with a payback limited to only 25 hours per contractor, the solution needed to be extremely scalable and efficient. During the course of the collaboration, SmartAI conducted the initial screening of candidates and scheduled the interviews while also managing onboarding operations assignment management.

Ultimately, the platform ensured that the client was able to maintain a proactive communication link with the contractors, ensuring that the talent pool remains engaged with the recruitment agency. Additionally, SmartAI provided the bandwidth necessary for the recruitment agency to stay focused on delivering a superior service.

The above case justifies how SmartAI can analyze, predict, diagnose, and become more powerful with time. Currently, the company is continuing its development of the platform, focusing on a wide range of new ‘HR skills’ and API integrations – voice and video are two additional areas it is exploring. Combined SmartAI has over 40 years of industry expertise throughout the APAC region, which sets the company apart from competitors.

“In tandem with our innovative strides, 2020 is tipped to be an ambitious year for us, as we continue with our geographic expansion into Southeast Asia and the UK markets,” concludes Stackpole.