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Delivering exceptional recruitment inCommunity Services – is Edmen Recruitment’s main prerogative.

Over the course of almost two decades, Edmen Recruitment has developed a reputation as a market leader in Workforce Staffng and Payroll Management solutions within Disability, Youth, and Aged Care services. With branches in 6 locations, Edmen Recruitment partners with Community Services across Australia on a labour hire basis.

The Challenge


Billing over 15,000 labour hours per month and doing a lot of high-volume casual recruitment in a market that is renowned for its skill-shortages, Edmen Recruitment had their work cut out for them: They needed a better, faster way to onboard talent – so that they employ talented workers faster than their competitors. This process, however, had to be uncompromising when it comes to its thoroughness and had to offer an exceptional candidate experience.

The Solution

Understanding the value of automation to help accelerate manual and repetitive processes at scale, Edmen turned to smartAI. Through the use of smartAI’s Engage solution, Edmen now automatically has personalised conversations with candidates allowing them to screen and shortlist applications at scale.

Their chatbot (which they have affectionately named “Gabe”) communicates with candidates anytime of the day or night, 7 days a week. And candidates get to complete their entire application chatflow on the device of their choice.

“We get lots of great feedback from candidates,” reports Adam Kumcevski, Recruitment Manager at Edmen Recruitment. “They say that our recruitment chatbot, Gabe, is personable and their experience is engaging.”

It is not just candidates who benefit from a better, faster experience where all applicants receive feedback (even if it’s polite rejection), recruiters get to do their work much faster now too. With smartAI, Edmen has designed their chatflow to fully replicate their recruiter phone screening process. “We love that we can tweak the chatflow ourselves as and when our needs change,” says Adam.

The Outcome

25 – 50%. That’s by how much Edmen has increased the number of candidates hired (based on the role type) by using smartAI. This is mainly due to the increase in the number of interviews that Edmen’s recruitment consultants can now perform, since the bulk of the pre-interview labour is automated for them.

According to Adam: “Our consultants could perform an average of 10 to 12 interviews per week in the past. Since we’ve been using smartAI, this number has increased to 15 to 25 interviews per week. Plus, recruiters aren’t involved in scheduling these interviews, freeing up even more of their time.”

“What I value most about our SmartAI solution is the time it has given back to us as a business, allowing our recruitment consultants to focus on improving the experience for our successful candidates as a whole,” explains Fofoga Ioata, Edmen’s General Manager.

“The feedback we have received around the ease and convenience of being able to have Gabe complete initial screening has been positive and well received by candidates who have been able to apply at any time of the day or night and not limited to a set pre-screening time,” Fofoga adds.

As a result, Edmen has doubled its recruitment consultant’s productivity

In other words, Edmen’s smartAI recruitment chatbot, Gabe, has:

“Here at Edmen, we are committed to outstanding personalised responsive service to all stakeholders in an operating environment where our people are passionate about empowering the services of the Community partners we support. smartAI helps us do this.” - Concludes Adam