Configure Conversations for All Your ‘People Compliance’

Automatically monitor checks, certificates and documents and manage the process of remaining compliant with a user-friendly and engaging chat solution.

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Automatically monitor

Automatically monitor the status of compliance documents

Manage the updating

Manage the updating of documents with automated workflows and reminders

Get real-time status

Get real-time status updates and escalations as required

Integrated into your systems

Integrated into your systems for streamlined document capture and data protection

Data Documents

No more out of date documents

Our Compliance solution monitors your workforce’s checks, certificates and documents to track expiry. It triggers workflows and reminders ahead of time to ensure the timely updating of these documents - maintaining a compliant workforce in a user-friendly and efficient way.

Proactively prompt people to share updated documents straight into your ATS/CRM system

Customised workflows allow you to prompt your workforce to update compliance documents. The chatbot guides them through the process and re-engages anyone who drops off. It also invites them to update documents straight into your ATS/CRM through integrations - so all documents are stored securely right where you need

Proactively Prompt
Real Time Status

Real-time status updates of individual checks, certificates or documents at a glance

Get the detail you want, when you want it. While the system automatically triggers workflows and chats to encourage your people to complete compliance processes, it also lets you drill-down on the detail of the status of these checks. Pull reports, check expiry dates and access the updated documents and view the entire chatflow.


Sam Barbagallo
smartAI is a great tool that screens candidates prior to the interview stage.

The clever technology fast tracks the process, enabling our recruitment consultants to more efficiently source the right candidates for the job.

Jacqui Russell
Managing Director, National Workforce

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Luke Webber
Labourpower’s Scarlett is an effective tool for candidate engagement with the ability to chat with each person colloquially.

As a chatbot she will also continually evolve to make the onboarding and screening process easier.

Luke Webber
Managing Director

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Fofoga Ioata
What I value most about our SmartAI solution is the time it has given back to us as a business.

it allows our recruitment consultants to focus on improving the experience for our successful candidates as a whole.

Fofoga Loata
Edmen’s General Manager

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Sam Barbagallo
Our candidates get an enhanced experience, too. They get instant communication on a device of their choice, 24/7.

Despite the fact that we are a small team we’re now more responsive than many large agencies with dedicated teams.

Sam Barbagallo
Vroom Vroom CEO

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