Screen Candidates in a Matter of Minutes

Imagine hiring an ultra-efficient assistant who works at an almost impossible pace 24/7, never gets tired, never takes breaks and loves its job, that’s the smartAI Engage chatbot.

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job applicants

Reaches 100% of your job applicants and engages them while they are interested


Quickly identifies suitable applicants

Books interviews through Calendly and automatically updates your calendar

Fully Integrated with your current ATS solution

With Engage

With Engage you can leave the screening, shortlisting and scheduling to us

From job ad to interview, Engage automates the candidate screening, selecting and shortlisting process. It then moves onto all scheduling, including interviews, shift management and changes to availability.

The automation provides valuable information like the number of applications, their response rates and how many of them made it through the screening process. We take care of all data security and comply with all regulatory requirements including GDPR.

Simply link a job in your ATS to Engage and it screens all applicants, shortlists them, schedules them for an interview and then books the interview in your calendar.

Freeing your team up to do what they do best – engaging with a small pool of candidates, to find the right candidate(s) quickly.

Candidate experience has never been this good.

Gone are the weeks in waiting. Gone is the ghosting. Now an applicant gets an invitation to chat within an hour.

100% of candidates get feedback too… Either they meet the basic role requirements (like having the required work rights or certifications) or they don’t. If they do, they get the option to self-schedule an interview slot with your recruiter. And candidates who aren’t ideal for this specific role remain engaged in your talent pool thanks to Reconnect.

Candidate experience
Everybody wins

Everybody wins with chat

Mobile applications outnumbered desktop applications globally in 2020. And the trend is expected to rise…

Chat to candidates when they want to, wherever they are… On web, text, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and other channels - Engage chats with candidates 24/7 on many channels and any device.

You get better response rates faster. They get a better candidate experience.

Connect with the many, focus on the few.


  • Reach 100% of your applicants and guide them through the process.
  • Instantly engage and respond to high volumes of applicants - 24/7.
  • Chat with applicants anytime, anywhere on


  • Benchmark applications against your specific role requirements.
  • Invite applicants to self-select interview slots automatically.
  • Notify applicants who do not meet the requirements immediately.
  • Take the bias out of your process


  • Allow applicants to self-schedule interviews without the back-and-forth.
  • Broad integrations with online appointment scheduling software
  • pulls through to all major calendars including Calendly, Google Calendar, Office and Microsoft so you never miss anything.


Sam Barbagallo
smartAI is a great tool that screens candidates prior to the interview stage.

The clever technology fast tracks the process, enabling our recruitment consultants to more efficiently source the right candidates for the job.

Jacqui Russell
Managing Director, National Workforce

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Luke Webber
Labourpower’s Scarlett is an effective tool for candidate engagement with the ability to chat with each person colloquially.

As a chatbot she will also continually evolve to make the onboarding and screening process easier.

Luke Webber
Managing Director

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Fofoga Ioata
What I value most about our SmartAI solution is the time it has given back to us as a business.

it allows our recruitment consultants to focus on improving the experience for our successful candidates as a whole.

Fofoga Loata
Edmen’s General Manager

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Sam Barbagallo
Our candidates get an enhanced experience, too. They get instant communication on a device of their choice, 24/7.

Despite the fact that we are a small team we’re now more responsive than many large agencies with dedicated teams.

Sam Barbagallo
Vroom Vroom CEO

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