Goodbye Graveyard of Candidates. Hello active & updated Talentpool

Keeping your database up-to-date enables you to cut ad costs right back. Why spend time and money advertising for new candidates when you have a deep pool of available, known talent to dive into?

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Re-engage with your passive candidate database

Quickly identifies

Check interest, confirm contact details like next availability, etc

Books interviews

Free up your recruiters to take care of more value-added tasks

Fully Integrated

Integrate data with your current recruitment solution

Fully Integrated

View chat transcripts and campaign stats through a dashboard

Discover the exponential value of an up-to-date database.

smartAI’s Reconnect chatbot works constantly in the background to integrate updates from your candidate pool into your database. It reconnects with candidates in your database at scale, through customisable campaigns.

Keeping your candidate pool engaged and their profiles current turns passive candidates back into active ones and expands your available talent pool for new jobs.

A system that works for candidates, not against them.

Candidate care is at the heart of the platform. We don’t just discard them when they’re not suitable for a specific role… We keep in touch, make sure we have all their updated details and availability so you can reach out to them about opportunities more suited to their needs and skills.

You can opt to reconnect with your entire candidate database or proactively reconnect with candidates who may be suitable for a specific role type. You have full control over whether you’d like to “set and forget” Reconnect to work its magic in the background or whether you’d like to take a laser-focused approach instead.

Discover the exponential
What use is a database

What use is a database if it’s out-of-date?

Keep yours constantly current with Reconnect.

Cut the time spent on manual outreach. Reach out to high volumes of applicants in your database automatically, eliminating phone-tag and fruitless bulk emails.

Harnessing your deep database with updated applicant availability, you also proactively reach out to applicants about roles that may interest them, create greater awareness for your open roles and slash your advertising costs.


Sam Barbagallo
smartAI is a great tool that screens candidates prior to the interview stage.

The clever technology fast tracks the process, enabling our recruitment consultants to more efficiently source the right candidates for the job.

Jacqui Russell
Managing Director, National Workforce

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Luke Webber
Labourpower’s Scarlett is an effective tool for candidate engagement with the ability to chat with each person colloquially.

As a chatbot she will also continually evolve to make the onboarding and screening process easier.

Luke Webber
Managing Director

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Fofoga Ioata
What I value most about our SmartAI solution is the time it has given back to us as a business.

it allows our recruitment consultants to focus on improving the experience for our successful candidates as a whole.

Fofoga Loata
Edmen’s General Manager

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Sam Barbagallo
Our candidates get an enhanced experience, too. They get instant communication on a device of their choice, 24/7.

Despite the fact that we are a small team we’re now more responsive than many large agencies with dedicated teams.

Sam Barbagallo
Vroom Vroom CEO

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